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About Maris

From family company in electrical engineering to energetic family of top technicians

Maris is an energetic family company that grew from a local electrical installer to an international player with three core activities. All of our employees take professional responsibility for themselves and actively work with you towards finding a solution. In every phase of your project. You will find our projects in the non-residential construction sector (electrical and security), at national- and international events (temporary techniques) and private residences (security). 

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Jurgen Swerts

Johan Hermans Maris Elektrotechniek

Johan Hermans

We deliver our best project ever for you.
Again and again.

People make the company. And that is the case at Maris too.   

With us, everyone has his own place and knows their role. 


As a family, we connect our name to quality and all we can do for you. And because our name is sacred to us, you can rely on the fact that we will always do everything in our power to make your project into our best project ever.  

elektrotechniek Maris

Electrical engineering

Maris is mainly known as a total supplier of electrical installations in retail projects, the care sector and non-residential and government construction. A sample of our services: 

  • general electricity networks 
  • building management systems (home automation and KNX) 
  • innovative lighting systems 
  • energy-saving relighting projects 
  • data cabling and glass fibre applications 


A professional team of well-trained technicians guarantees punctual execution within the agreed time period. 

beveiliging Maris


The second core activity Maris provides is security. Our burglary protection, camera surveillance, access control and fire protection protect families, houses, apartments, offices and large and small companies. You can find them in: 

  • residences 
  • stores 
  • offices 
  • apartment buildings 
  • care centres 
  • schools 
  • government buildings 
tijdelijke technieken maris

Temporary technology

Besides general electricity networks, Maris specializes in supplying and installing temporary technological installations. The most important customers for these services are:


  • tent builders 
  • the event sector 
  • the media sector 
  • construction and industry 

Here we supply generators, cables and cabinets, industrial lighting and heating/air conditioning units. But portable gates, automatic doors and temporary camera surveillance are also on offer. As are mobile charging stations for electrical cars.  

Our values 


Maris works actively and gets involved with customers to achieve a solution. That is why we are open and available and react enthusiastic to questions. This positive attitude radiates energy and gives our customer confidence. 


Maris distinguishes itself through innovation in the field of technology and service. This is how we exceed the expectations of the customer, both with our installations and the services we provide. 


Maris is a reliable and loyal partner for the development and installation of electrical and security installations. When we commission a site on the agreed upon date, our customer can blindly trust the system works perfectly.