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Maris - Energetic in Electrics

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Electrical installations

From idea to electronic turnkey

Maris designs, installs and maintains electrical installations from idea to electronic turnkey. Our structured and energetic approach is especially appreciated in the retail, care sector, the industrial sector, the non-residential construction sector, as well as in large-scale residential projects. Customers in the form of retailers, contractors, architects, consultancies and project developers all see Maris as a highly involved, professional partner upon whom they can rely unconditionally.

Looking for an energetic installer for your
electrical installations? 

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Maris elektrotechnieken retail BMW brand store

Design, installation and maintenance of electrical installations for:

  • retail projects
  • the care sector (care homes and hospitals) 
  • industrial construction (office buildings, production plants, ...)
  • residential projects (large-scale residential projects and apartments)
  • government buildings (schools, administrative buildings, ...)

Maris works for the most renowned contractors, project developers and customers in the country, both directly and as a subcontractor.


Maris is a recognized Class 6 electrical installer. Furthermore, Maris is INCERT qualified for security systems.


From design to installation

A life without electricity is unthinkable, although we do not consider this often enough any more. What we do consider at Maris, is the meticulous design, the careful planning and the perfect installation of your electrical engineering, both high and low voltage.


Within the budget and on time 

Thanks to our detailed site preparation we always succeed in keeping the installation activities within the predetermined budget and time period. While maintaining high quality. All materials are delivered to your site on time, so that our installers can maintain maximum productivity.

KNX automation

Through the integration of KNX technology, Maris has made buildings smarter by using all forms of energy. Think of lighting, heating, water usage, ventilation, sun protection, air conditioning, security, telecommunication, consumer electronics, ... . Multiple studies show that the KNX technology can significantly reduce energy consumption.



Security is a discipline on itself. This is why Maris set up a specialised department within the organisation. Our security specialists will happily advise you on burglary protection, access control, camera surveillance, fire detection and automation.


Charging stations

Maris takes the lead in the field of innovative electrical engineering like e-mobility. We install charging stations, charging points and energy management for public and private use.

Furthermore, Maris is a recognized Tesla installer.

Telecom & data lines 

As a recognized installer for telecom and data lines, Maris can supply you with an EMC certificate for the most renowned brands in the market. For glass fibre, fibre and copper networks.

Fire-resistant seals

Maris has all the necessary expertise for installing fire-resistant seals to maintain the operation of vital circuits. We also provide the required certificates.


  • preliminary sketch and design of electrical installations  
  • installation of general electricity networks 
  • electrical design & build projects 
  • electrical installations at high and low voltage 
  • data- and telecom installations 
  • maintenance and repair of electrical installations 
  • (KNX) automation 
  • charging stations and charging points 
  • re-lighting 
  • lighting and LED lighting 
  • energy management and optimising energy costs 
  • security systems 

Want to know more?

Contact us at 011 43 22 40 or send an e-mail to elektrotechniek@maris.tech. We would be happy to come and discuss specific questions or plans with you.